Returns and Refunds

  • Once an order has been sent to production it is sent to the printer and you can no longer edit any details or cancel it.
  • If the shipment details were incorrect, or the customer ordered the wrong size or colour, Juice Newts Co. is not responsible and will not offer replacements or refunds. Entering the correct account information is of key importance. 
  • However, we can offer a replacement order free of charge, if there are any issues with the order, like manufacturing error, printing issues and such. 
  • In case a replacement order is arranged, there is no need to send the original order back to us. 
  • If issues arise with a replacement order, we can offer you a refund for a portion of your order cost with proof of issue, which later will automatically cover the production and shipping costs of the orders or it can be used to purchase another item at a discounted price. 
  • Contact us for further inquiry