A Juicy Newts’in Beauty of an ecommerce store. Made by, for and with Beauts for Beauts. Collaborating to spread Positive Propaganda. A creative outlet for innovators.

The term Juice Newts was snatched from the ether one night during a long session of brewing up some dude soup in the hot tub. Juice Newts is used to describe something that is awesome, amazing, beauty, cool, sweet, rad, sick, unreal, etc. “Juice Newts” came into existence to encompass it all.

Juice Newts Co. has been developed off that term. Creating an Ecommerce storefront as an outlet to create, spread and inspire in the Juice Newts way. With the intention to use Juice Newts Co. as a way for artist and idea makers to have a platform for creating their designs into a reality in the name of Juice Newts and spread Positive Propaganda while doing so. Juice Newts Co. is open to accepting design ideas from anyone and everyone, agreeing upon a profit share and then turning that design idea into an official Juice Newts Co. piece of official merch to be sold to Beauties all over the world.

Where this will take the Beauties involved is unknown, but what is known is Juice Newts is way of life and isn’t going anywhere.

Bitcoin was chosen for the sole medium of exchange after years of study and understanding the potential of Bitcoin and the network it operates in. By using Bitcoin only, Juice Newts Co. shares the advantages of Bitcoin with the customers, whether a long time HODLer or a noob to the Bitcoin network. By operating in the Bitcoin network we all benefit from The Network Protocol of Bitcoin and get to score some Juicy merch through Juice Newts Co. at the same time. Prices will be updated regularly.

All the best ya Juicy Beauties and you can use Contact us for any collaboration ideas, designs or Juice Newts Co. and Bitcoin questions.

Stay tuned for all the new designs turned to Apparel, Prints and Stickers.